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Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm EST

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197 SW Waterford Ct, Lake City, FL 32025

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All Busy Bee locations have their own hours

Busy Bee is always looking for distinctive products to offer our patrons. For details on how to become a supplier, please check the guidelines on our New Vendor page.

Currently, Busy Bee does not provide franchise options. Our commitment to excellence in our facilities, offerings, and team means we prioritize quality over profit. By remaining a private entity, we aim to focus solely on customer satisfaction rather than financial returns.

Items are available in most of our stores; the larger stores, of course, carry more items. However, you can always visit our shop on this site; if you do not see what you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out.

Search for Busy Bee fuel stations offering these options to locate ethanol-free fuel or DEF pumps.

For electric vehicle charging locations, look up Busy Bee stations with EV charging facilities.

Currently, we lack a system to check real-time inventory at our locations.

The restaurants that are attached to or inside of participating Busy Bee are managed under their own hours.

To return an unused item, please bring it to the store of purchase and speak with a manager. In most cases, with approval, we can give a credit or put it on a gift card.

Gas stations use authorization holds because the exact purchase amount is unknown at the time of pumping. Holds can vary and last up to 72 hours, as determined by your card issuer.

Go to the donation page

Busy Bee remains privately owned, with no current plans to become publicly traded.

If there’s a legal or significant need, report the incident to the police, who can then request footage on your behalf.

It is possible to purchase Busy Bee gift cards directly from our website or at any of our store registers.

Not at this time.

Busy Bee is constantly seeking skilled individuals. For more information, visit our employment page.

To maintain security, we cannot allow vehicles to be parked for extended periods.

For safety reasons, extended parking is not allowed. However, we encourage you to take a break and explore Busy Bee.

You may use the store location and phone number to order pizza only, but depending on what options are available, most of our partners have their own apps that you can order ahead.

We do not sell propane.

Due to fluctuating market prices, we don’t provide specific costs. Deer corn is available year-round in 50LB bags at select locations.